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Upcoming Events

May 21st ~ CMHSS #2 (Volunteers Needed!) 

May 27th/28th ~ Camp Marshall at North Brookfield's Spring Fest Carnival 11am to 4pm 

June 17th ~ Tractor Pulls 

June 18th ~ Lawn/Garden Tractor Pulls & CMHSS #3

June 19th ~ Staff Training Begins! 

June 24th ~ Summer Open House 2pm to 4pm 

June 28th ~ Maple Leaf & Clover Buds Week A 

July 2nd ~ First Day of Marshall Programs! 

August 18th ~ Last Day of ALL Programs 

August 27th ~ CMHSS #4 

September 1st-4th ~ Camp Marshall at The Spencer Fair 

September 17th ~ CMHSS #5 (Final)

October 27th/28th ~ Haunted Halloween Weekend 

November 4th ~ Dry Storage IN 

If you have any questions on any of our upcoming events, please email Jordan or contact the main office at (508)-885-4891. 

If you have any interest in volunteering at any of our Horse Shows (listed above) please reach out to us! 

Please note that any/all private events or rentals listed above in the online calender that are hosted at Camp Marshall by a private party are closed to the public unless otherwise stated. Thank you.

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