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Summer Camp Fun!

Camp Marshall is proud to provide a positive learning experience for youth. We provide a safe and fun environment with hands-on, outdoor and agricultural experiences that foster respect, independence, and positive self-esteem.


We are a private, independent non-profit organization with a long tradition of providing a 4-H based camp experience to youngsters each summer.


Children do not have to be, or are under no obligation to become, 4-H members to attend Camp Marshall!

Camp Marshall's rustic sleeping cabins, tucked under a mature woodland canopy, creates an intimate village setting. They are within easy walking distance of the community dining hall. Situated on the shore of Thompson Pond, Camp Marshall's small-scale buildings and its woodlands and fields help create an environment consistent with our purpose of providing an educational experience in an engaging natural setting. 
The cabin area is separated into two sides. Named after local Counties, the Hampshire and Worcester sides each have their own bathroom facilities located within a short walking distance from the cabins. 
The purpose of our summer camp program is to teach leadership, independence and outdoor living skills in a natural, outdoor setting. This mission becomes increasingly important each year as we draw more and more children from urban or suburban settings. For this reason, we have a strict no cell phone policy for our campers. We require campers leave all digital devices at home during their week of camp, we want campers to be fully submerged in nature. 

What types of campers succeed at

Camp Marshall?

  • Camp Marshall campers love to spend their time immersed in nature.

  • Camp Marshall campers can listen to direction and participate in a group setting with minimal redirection required. 

  • Camp Marshall campers like to be in groups of up to 20 campers. 

  • Camp Marshall campers like to participate in large group activities with 80-100 campers, such as capture the flag, dances, talent shows, relay races, etc. 

  • Camp Marshall campers are comfortable eating in a large hall with about 100 others. 

  • Camp Marshall campers like to sing songs, yell chants, and are generally loud. 

  • Camp Marshall campers stay in cabins with 4-10 other campers and 2 staff if enrolled in an overnight program. 

  • Camp Marshall campers are potty trained and are not prone to bedwetting incidents. 

  • Camp Marshall campers are comfortable leaving their phone at home and take a week at camp away from technology. 

  • Camp Marshall campers should have the physical endurance for a camp week: Wake up around 7, breakfast at 8, activities from 9-12, lunch and rest time 12-2, activities from 2-6, dinner, evening activity 7:30-8:30, get ready for bed, bedtime at 9 if staying overnight.

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