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Our Connection With 4-H

The Worcester County 4-H Center - Camp Marshall  is a private, independent, non profit organization with a long tradition of providing a 4-H based camp experience to youngsters each summer.  Camp Marshall receives no state or county funding, but does incorporate many aspects of “4-H” via the federally, state, and county supported UMass Extension and its Massachusetts 4-H Program.  Together, we strive to provide youth with fun, safe, and educational experiences based on 4-H values.  Children do not have to be, or are under no obligation to become, 4-H members to attend Camp Marshall.

Whether at the club level (provided by the Massachusetts 4-H Program) or at Camp Marshall, youth learn through experiential or “hands-on” learning and gain valuable life skills needed to be successful - both as children and as adults.  These skills include communication, decision-making, problem solving, sharing and conflict resolution. They gain these skills at Camp Marshall from participating in traditional and contemporary camp activities, social interaction with other children & staff, and through other experiences that are uniquely found at only at summer camp.


Camp Marshall's joint mission with 4-H is to create supportive environments for culturally diverse youth and adults to reach their fullest potential by:

  • providing a safe, enjoyable outdoor learning experience,

  • providing opportunities to develop leadership, social and group living skills while fostering creativity, independence and responsibility,

  • offering a choice of age appropriate programs that build confidence and self-esteem,

  • encouraging an understanding and respect for the environment, animals, agriculture, and natural resources,

  • building an appreciation and acceptance of the differences in people, and

  • developing a caring community.


 The 4-H mission, pledge, motto, and slogan help provide the basis for maintaining many of Camp Marshall's traditions. 


These traditions enhance and expand the Camp Marshall experience.  The four ‘H's’ (Head, Heart, Hands, and Health) serve as the basis for forming decisions about daily living, while the four areas (Club/Camp, Community, Country, and World) serve as reminders of the many facets of our interaction with our surroundings. 


  1. Head: Learning to think, make decision, understanding "why's" and "how's," and gaining new and valuable knowledge.

  2. Heart: Being concerned about the welfare of others, accepting responsibilities as citizens, determining values and attitudes by which we live, and learning how to live with others.

  3. Hands: Gaining new skills, perfecting skills already known, develop respect for work and pride in accomplishment.

  4. Health: Practicing healthful living, protecting the well being of self and others, and making constructive use of leisure time.


Camp Marshall is an equal opportunity provider and employer, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Camp Marshall is affiliated with UMass Extension. Camp Marshall and UMass Extension offer educational programs, materials and employment without regard to race, color, creed, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation and mental or physical handicap, and discrimination of any kind is prohibited.  Contact the Worcester County 4-H Center, Inc - Camp Marshall for information on disability accommodations or complaints related to discrimination at 508-885-4891. No endorsement of the product or service by UMass Extension 4-H Program is implied or intended.

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