Frequently Asked Horse Camp Questions

 Do you need to purchase riding apparel and a helmet?
The only required equipment is a boot with a 1 inch heel and riding breeches,

stretchy pants or jeans. We do have helmets available for campers to borrow

for the week.           

If I have a helmet can I bring it?

If your camper has their own ASTM/SEI approved helmet they are welcome to bring it

to camp. We will be checking helmets to make sure that they are safe and not past

their expiration date. You will still be asked to sign a Helmet Release Form in case

yours becomes damaged.   


Why do I have to fill out the Helmet Release Form if I have my own helmet?
We require every camper to fill out this form, as we would hate to have a camper miss ride time due a lost helmet or having to wait for a replacement.            


Can my camper bring their own tack even if they aren't bringing a horse?

Of course you can bring your own tack! As long as the tack is in proper working order and fits appropriately to the horse they are assigned, campers can use their own saddles, saddle pads, bridles (snaffle bits only) and other equipment items, such a wraps or boots (excluding martingales and other training devices).

Will my camper have to share a horse with another child?

Depending on the amount of children registered for each camp week, there are occasions where campers must share their horse with another child. Campers who share horses split their feeding, cleaning, and other responsibilities and still get the same amount of riding time as everyone else. 

If my camper is bringing a horse to camp, what vaccinations are required?
​   1. A current negative Coggins within 1 year in state, 6 months out of state

   2. Rabies
   3. Strangles
   4. 4 Way (EEE,WEE,Flu,Tetanus)


We are not requiring horses to have Potomac Fever or West Nile Virus vaccinations,

but we are strongly encouraging them, as we are in a high-risk area.

There is a vaccine waiver section of the horse program forms for these two vaccinations. 

What time are the Parent Riding Demonstrations on Friday?
Camp Marshall Horse Show on Friday will be  held at 12:30 pm, Camp closing ceremonies at 1:30 pm. 


9:00 to 1:00 

Off Season

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