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Interested in Working at Camp Marshall?



Staff Photo.jpg

Do you LOVE children?

Do you have experience working directly with kids?

Can you picture yourself living and working with children and young

teens 24/7 six days a week for two months?

Can you commit to working the two weeks of Staff Training, and seven

weeks of summer camp in its entirety? 

The questions listed above are ones you must ask yourself honestly

before considering applying at Camp Marshall for a summer staff position.

A job at camp is one of the most challenging yet rewarding ones you could imagine. 

Marshall Staff Need To Be:

Responsible • Motivated • Mature • Energetic •  Enthusiastic •  Creative • Safety-Oriented • Fun-Loving • Supportive • Inspiring Selfless • Flexible


Please review the job descriptions of positions you are interested in here at Camp Marshall and then you can proceed to the online application. Job description can be found a few tabs over under Summer Job Descriptions. Please read them carefully and if you have any questions or concerns please reach out BEFORE starting the application process. 

We have limited Junior Counselor (16-18 years old) positions available each summer, interviews will be conducted on those applicants who qualify.

Please click below to start the process of applying:


**All positions are currently OPEN!**

Counselor Application: (Includes Trad/Maple, Head/Senior Couns. Etc.)

HealthCare Supervisor: (Includes both MGR/Staff Positions)

**NEW FOR 2024!** Horse Camp Application: (ALL horse positions)

​If you are under 18 years of age, you must obtain a work permit that is specific to working at Camp Marshall for the summer. Please visit for complete information.

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