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Camp Marshall Staff 

Camp Marshall's year round operations are supported by a small dedicated staff. These employees support our facility, equestrian center and rentals program in addition to taking on an expanded summer staff each year to support our summer camp programs. We greatly appreciate their hard work in the off season to help prepare our property each year for a successful camp season each year.  

Assistant Director
Jordan Desilets

A 2020 Graduate of Becker College Equine Science and Business Management Program and lifelong Spencer resident, Jordan has been involved in Camp Marshall from a young age. As a camper and a member of the Camp Marshall Equestrian Team, Jordan continued to find ways to become more and more involved in Camp Marshall each year where she  has risen through the ranks as an employee all the way to Assistant Director. 

In her free time, Jordan spends time with her family and her animals including

a chocolate lab, five horses, and her farm barn full of critters from cows to ducks. 

Office Manager
Barbara McManaman

Joining our office team in 2007, Barbara has been a longstanding member of our staff. Originally from Charlton, Barbara's career in the Military as a member of the U.S.M.C. took her all over the country before finally returning here to her roots back in

Charlton Massachusetts. 

In her free time Barbara enjoys spending time with her husband, children and grandchildren, taking motorcycle trips on her Harley and crocheting all sorts of items for her craft business. 

Facilities Manager
David Standish

David has been a long standing member of both the Camp Marshall Staff and the

Board of Directors for many years. As a resident of Spencer for the vast majority of his life, David's family has a long history of involvement in Camp Marshall with his Grandmother, Mother and Father all having worked at camp or serving on our BOD.


In his free time, David can often be found taking care of his goat farm, working the local hayfields, prepping for a tractor pull or spending time with his Wife and three Sons.  

P.T. Facilities
Alden Standish

Alden comes in from time to time to help out with big projects that need an extra set of strong hands. After graduating from Bay Path Vocational School in Spring of 2022 in Welding, he spends most of free time welding parts and working on cars or tractors. Alden has been involved at Camp Marshall since before he could walk, coming to Camp as a Clover Bud and now helping out in project around the property. 

P.T. Facilities
Corey MacIntosh

Corey came to work at Camp Marshall in the summer of 2020 and enjoyed working here so much he couldn't leave! Assisting in everything from video and audio for summer camp to feeding the horses and helping with barn chores. Corey is a former Boy Scout from North Brookfield and spends most of his free time from Camp running a broadcasting group company or helping his local Boy Scout Troop, 257. 

P.T. Barn Staff
Emma Alberto

Emma first came to work with us in the summer of 2019 as a Horse Camp Counselor, and among several others, just couldn't leave us. After taking on a retired lesson horse who stole her heart, she soon also became a Boarder in our Equestrian Center in the winter of 2020. Working at summer camp helped Emma decide she wanted to work with children full time and soon became a Para-Professional for local school districts. When not working for the school district, she spends most of her time at the barn helping Jordan with chores, exercising horses and anything else that needs an extra hand. 

Starting as a horse counselor in 2019 Emma has worked hard in her equine skills and leadership to move up through the ranks from counselor to Barn Manager and soon to be Equestrian Director for summer camp. 

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