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Our Current Board of Directors 

If you are interested in volunteering within our organization we would love to have you come to a Board Meeting

and meet our Board of Directors. Meetings are the 3rd Monday of each month.

Notice of Annual Meeting the 4th Monday of January of each year.

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Vice President
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Board of Directors

Board of Directors 

~ David Standish ~

David Standish has been a long time supporter of Camp Marshall having been involved in camp 

in some capacity from a very early age whether as a camper, an employee, a volunteer or as a BOD member.

As David's Mother, Father and Grandmother have all been

involved in Camp Marshall at sometime, Camp Marshall runs in David's blood. 

David is a champion of the Camp Marshall tractor pull series each year, ensuring that the community 

tradition carries on for tractor enthusiasts in the community. 

Board of Directors

~ Alden Brodmerkle ~

Alden has been a supporter involved with camp as a volunteer and a BOD member for many years. 

When he is not working on his own local farm, Alden enjoys helping out at Camp Marshall's tractor pull series 

and often lends a hand and his technical expertise to many of our projects here on property.

Board of Directors
~ Vacant ~

Board of Directors 

~ Vacant ~

Honorary Board Members

~ Richard Standish ~ Carl Gustafon ~

~ Norma Bedrosian ~ Roseanne Ingalls ~

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