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                                 Leadership Programs 




The Leader-In-Training (LIT) program is for youth

14 - 16 years of age 


Our LIT program will help LIT's learn leadership styles and develop strong leadership skills. LIT's will work with their peers on exciting, creative programs, all while getting the chance to be a part of an amazing Camp Marshall summer. Campers who are 14 - 16 years old (entering 9th or 10th grade) can begin our Leader-in-Training (LIT) program. This program puts an emphasis on working as a group, collaboration, and effective communication skills. The purpose of the LIT Program is to help older youth realize their leadership potential and develop a sense of social and environmental responsibility. Leader-in-Training is a one week program. Both traditional and horse LIT programs are available.

*Horse LIT is a non-riding program*



The Counselor-In-Training (CIT) program is for youth

16 - 17 years of age 

The CIT program focuses on applying leadership skills learned in the LIT program in the camp environment. The purpose of the CIT program is to help CIT's understand the value and importance of leadership in a specific camp setting while applying skills they gain during the program, including behavior management, emergency preparedness, and overall responsibility in a group setting. The applied knowledge that CIT's learn in the program is intended to serve them beyond the summer and outside of the camp environment. CIT's are granted additional privileges and responsibilities, both come with a greater level of accountability and a higher behavioral expectation. Both traditional and

horse CIT programs are available. 



*Horse CIT is a non-riding program* 

All CIT campers must have previously completed the LIT program or have had comparable and verifiable leadership experiences elsewhere. In this way we hope to best prepare our CITs and potential future counselors for the roles they will need to take on at camp. 

Internship Program for those that are at least 17 years of age and have completed our LIT and CIT Program may be available.  This is an unpaid working position, please submit an employment application. We offer limited spaces for this position, apply early to be able to add this experience to your resume and college application!

Intern hours can be applied to fulfill community service hours.


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